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Mehmannawazi invites new investment for business expansion

The portal is conceptualized, developed, operated and managed by a team of highly experienced and self motivated young workaholic brains with never ending appetite for novelty and an ever growing urge to excel. The portal is a brainchild of passion incubated with social responsibilities and moral duties. With more than a decade of experience and expertise in our pocket, we are one of the youngest bootstrap companies in India introducing innovative flavor to the business verticals since inception. The team is blessed with gifted entrepreneurship vision which has helped the group as a whole to stand in the steepest possible recent market turmoil through prudent decision making abilities and adhering to the business processes with flying colors.
The group as a whole is committed to its ethics and businesses and stand by the virtues of the business processes. The concept of uniqueness and rareness of this portal is in itself premium in nature with each and every business approach of this portal is fresh in nature. We are always striving for steady growth and fast expansion both in terms of technology and innovative business concepts. We are looking for business partners who would be eager to join our hands for progressive future ahead through investment in the business which is paramount to mark its presence in today’s highly competitive market rapidly. We would like to invite all visionary leaders with similar insight to together put our steps further for progressive vision and greater cause as steady flow is paramount for progressive insight in the competitive market at present. We as a group is open to new venture opportunities to focus on diverse set of business prospect for fresh centers making it a self reliant setup.
Our main focus is enhancing our business services and expansion at right place with right people who bring value to our brands and business as a whole. We do manage the business risk with key know-how and our prime object is to minimize risk involved in the business to safeguard common interest. We do believe that risk mitigation is better than joining rat race which keeps us apart from the masses. We envision making this business a strong, self reliant, stable and financially independent company to sustain all market turmoil in its progressive path.

For Investor Inquiry email us at investor[at]